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Latest News

Now Offering Consultations

Mark Kelly

Carr Physical Therapy is proud to now offer a consultation for anyone interested in learning more about our services. Consultations consist of a quick meet & greet, tour of our facility, and a brief discussion to answer any physical therapy or sports performance questions you may have. This 30 minute consultation is the perfect opportunity to see if Carr is the right choice for your physical therapy needs.


Meet The Team

Carr Physical Therapy employs an extremely knowledgeable team of gifted healers who take a personal interest in seeing our clients successfully progress through physical therapy sessions and workouts. By signing up for a consultation, you can personally meet all our team members and discover why so many clients choose our friendly and personal approach over the competition.

Answering Your Questions

Many people suffer from knee, back, neck, and other body aches and pains, but may not know if physical therapy is the answer. Our consultations give you the opportunity to talk directly to a licensed physical therapist and determine if physical therapy can be beneficial in your situation.


A Plan of Action

Once you’ve had the opportunity to meet team, see the facility, and ask your questions, you can then learn more about the process moving forward. Recommended number of treatments, treatment frequency, and personalized exercises are just a few of the topics we will cover to ensure you fully understand the process from start to finish.

 Inquire online or call our office and our staff will be happy to setup a time for your visit.