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1602 E Republic Road
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Based in Springfield, Missouri — our personalized approach and attention to detail ensures an optimal outcome for each individual patient. We realize you have a choice when it comes to your care, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Physical Therapy the way it should be done. Carr Physical Therapy.

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Our Story

After working for big healthcare organizations in Springfield for 10 years, learning what was good and bad about our healthcare system, we decided that people deserved a better way, a better product. They deserve a product that creates the ultimate healing environment for all people and eliminated any negative experiences. People needed a better choice, a better environment for healing that started the second they contacted us or came in the door. They needed appointment times available immediately that fit their busy schedule. They needed instant communication for everything including help with billing and navigating insurance benefits. 

Customers deserved the best treatment from experts that really cared about them and were passionate and skilled in healing minds and bodies. We were passionate about fixing a system that was satisfied with decreasing standards of care and customer service as long as productivity and profit margins were increasing. We wanted to crate a customer centered organization where people and relationships came first. We wanted to create the best environment for helping, working and healing.

With that initial vision in mind we committed to create something special that would help improve the bodies, minds and spirits of as many people as God would bring to us. Our mission is constantly evolving and bringing us new opportunities serve. We are constantly asking God for guidance to do what He would have us do to help others. 

We strive to treat everyone with the love and respect as Jesus would do Himself. I believe that we have been given the burden of being upset with how people are currently treated in the current healthcare system and the Gift to be able to change it. Carr Physical Therapy & Sport Performance is a calling, a gift and a challenge that we are thankful for. We embrace the challenge to love all people as Jesus loved all people.